Dog walker

Searching for a Dog Walker is HARD WORK! Here are some easy steps to help ease the stress.


#1  Always ask for references and check their sites for reviews.

This is a good way to get insider information as to their service.  Inquire if they are frequently late, if they cancel often, if they walk in all weather conditions, etc.

#2  Always do a Meet & Greet prior to starting service

This allows you to see how they interact with your dog and helps you gauge whether you would be comfortable with this person in your home when you are not.

#3  Make sure the company provides background checks on all of their employees.

This will also aid in peace of mind.

#4 You get what you pay for.

Yes a student in high school might be a fine walker, but to assure your dog is in the best hands you might want to hire a professional.  Also someone with a background in training or dealing with certain types of dogs (aggressive, pulls on walks, elderly…) might be the correct choice for you.

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